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Various Cancers and a dying dog healed with Homeopathy!


I wish I knew about holistic veterinary care years ago. I believe if I had, I would have been a better pet parent and could have provided my pets with far better quality of life than what a mainstream veterinarian can offer. When we adopted Hazel in February 2021, we knew she was coming to us as a mature dog with some serious health conditions. She was heart worm positive... Read More >>

Inflammatory Bowel Disease & CHRONIC ANAL ABCESSES


I came to Dr. Fallek with two sick dogs and within a few short months, they were back to good health and their happy selves. Dr. Fallek is nothing short of a miracle worker. My male Rhodesian Ridgeback had been suffering from IBS and allergies for over a year and a half, and had been on too many rounds of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to manage it.  Read More >>



I’m not the type of person to write reviews, but I felt like I needed to share with others how incredibly talented, caring and accommodating Dr. Fallek is. In Nov 2018 Marek, our loving Dobie, was diagnosed with lymphoma. My fiancé and I were devastated and heartbroken to say the least. Marek did have surgery to remove the inflamed lymph node from a local vet.  Read More >>



In July of last year, I was told to prepare to put my baby to sleep due to progressive kidney failure.  I spent thousands to save her life but conventional doctors told me they could do nothing for her.  Still not ready to give up, I asked God to please save my dog's life.  Well not only did God answer my prayers, he sent me a miracle by the name of Marcie Fallek.  Read More >>



Our golden retriever Trotter had an awful seizure one night when she was 6 years old. We took her to a traditional vet where the MRI confirmed she had a brain tumor. We were told that it was inoperable and we could consider radiation therapy which would require a lot of putting her under. We elected to... Read More >>



When my Pitbull Chico turned 10, he was given the annual shots and shortly after, developed arthritis. 6 months later, the arthritis got worse and within the blink of an eye, he could barely walk.


The vet prescribed some pills. A combo of anti-inflammatory and gabapentin.

He was miserable. Spent all day in his crate and it was hard for him to stand up long enough to eat. I was carrying him most of the time. Read More>>



"I just want to express my thanks to you about how well Dagney is doing. Not only has he outlived the timeline that his oncologist gave him but he’s done it with grace. He’s still putting on weight."  Read More >>



I was truly at a breaking point when I found Dr. Fallek in an online search.  I had worked with other homeopaths and tried every conventional veterinary approach.  Yet our Standard Poodle still lost all of his nails from one autoimmune disorder and then nearly died from Addison's disease.  After suffering a total... Read More >>



My dog, Ali, a pitbull who was 9 years old at the time, had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  The vet that I had been going to since my dog was a baby told me that he had 3-6 months to live and would need amputation along with chemo and radiation to extend his life 12-18 months - at an estimated cost of $20,000.  After getting over the initial shock of what I was being told...  Read More >>



Dr Fallak is a miracle worker. I brought my 18 year old Egyptian Mau to Dr Fallak after he had been diagnosed with nasal cancer. He had gone through 4 weeks of radiation and he had taken a turn for the worse. Conventional medicine was not working and was actually making him more weak and sick. I found Dr Fallak through an internet search, liked what...  Read More >>



Mulsh was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous brain tumor in 2008 after experiencing the most horrific seizure I had ever seen. (as a nurse I had seen many). He was 12 years old then and given a month to live. I wanted to make his last days as comfortable as possible, so when I was given the name of a holistic veterinarian I figured it was worth a try.  Read More >>



I normally do not write testimonials but felt compelled to in this situation. After having received test results that my loving dog, Hunter, a very young ten-year-old Border Collie, had Cutaneous Lymphoma, I was devastated. My regular Vet indicated that his only option was Chemotherapy, but prognosis was very poor. Through a friend I was introduced to Dr. Marcie Fallek... Read More >>

PARALYZED - Intervertebral Disk Disease


In February 2023 my dog was completely paralyzed. It hurt me to watch her not being able to walk. The very next day I brought her to my vet to see what was the cause of her sudden spiral. The veterinarian told me she had IVDD (intervertebral disk disease) and said she would need surgery to walk again. He told me we could try medications but her chances to walk would... Read More >>



"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart- you gave us more years together than we would have had, if we had continued with conventional veterinary medicine. My only regret of course, is that he had not been under your care for his ENTIRE life. Thank goodness our paths crossed TEN years ago!!" Sandy Plonsky Read More >>


"We found Dr. Marcie Fallek right around the beginning of Covid. When the world was falling apart you look to your dog for comfort but she needed us even more. Bella was 13 and had cancer. Having dealt with cancer twice myself I look to natural medicine for healing. So, I decided to explore that for Bella. Dr. Fallek gave us great comfort and amazing care. Read More>>


"We had Ray, our cockapoo for just a year and a half before he suddenly got very sick, after a visit to our regular vet for his shots at 3 months old. He was very depressed, lethargic, and lost his appetite after the shots. He didn't want to be around our family at all. He developed a urinary tract infection and had a constant bad ear infection. We had no idea what to do. K. Smith Read More>>



"It might sound cheaply sentimental for us to say that Marcie Fallek has been an angel in our lives were it not for the fact that we believe this literally to be true. When our elderly labrador, Beatrice, and tabby, Crackers, were both diagnosed..." David Byron Read More >>



"We call her the Miracle Doctor. Our ten-year old Siamese cat has been very ill falling from spasms and seizures for months, most likely from a brain tumor. He began having trouble walking a few years ago. Dr. Fallek diagnosed him with a..." Diana Miller Read More >>



"Marcie, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my cat, Edgar. In February 2008 you found a lump you suspected was cancer in his belly. Another vet, after taking x-rays, confirmed your suspicion and gave him 2 months to live. You began... Ann Anderson Read More >>



"Marcie is a genius and a major contributor to the physical and emotional well-being of our two Rhodesian Ridgeback, Reggae and Congo"


Liz & Cees, Manhattan



Martina started again scratching/biting herself a little bit, not the ears or the belly this time but on the side of the thighs and the chest. It started 2 days after I gave her Heartgard  and after 1 week I switched from dry food to raw... Read More

ANXIETY.  Dr Fallek is a godsend - I can not stop singing her praises. My 17yr old Maltese named Sam was always an anxious dog and on a variety of meds given by our traditional vet. Over the last year he suffered from insomnia and would whine throughout the night. We tried a myriad of treatments working with our vet and we were unsuccessful. With one visit to Dr Fallek, she was able to diagnose and prescribe the correct remedy for Sam. Thanks to Dr. Fallek, Sammy is now calm, happy, medicine free and sleeps throughout the night! She is truly unbelievable!! Chari T, Manhattan



"My mom and I would like to THANK YOU for what you did for our bunny Ashes. He was a very sick little bunny and for four days he hadn't eaten or drank anything. He was bloated and lethargic and nothing we gave him including the pain medication prescribed by the vet seemed to help.  Jennifer R. Read More >>


Dr. Fallek saved our dog Ruby from a vaccine overdose or whatever our previous Vet of 15 years did to our girl at the height of the pandemic using the curbside procedures. One day after we took her there for a wellness visit, she developed body tremors. We went back to them in panic and they loaded her with four different prescription drugs and the following day our dog has developed seizures. Then I went to....  Read More >



Marcie, just a note to say, deeply, Thank you!

Sparkle's wound is healed and her spirits are fine!

One dose of arnica 200 C and her pelvis/structure issues resolved.

I am SOOOO grateful for your help and wisdom.  Read More >>



[This is a] picture of Monty taken the month before he died (quickly of a stroke).  Look how healthy and strong he was. In six weeks he would turn 13 years old and for his last nine years Dr. Marcie  kept the Addison's disease from affecting the quality of his life.  Before Marcie he was on death's door with barely a heart rate and his head in the corner of the room unable to look at us.  We will always be grateful.   Julianne