"It might sound cheaply sentimental for us to say that Marcie Fallek has been an angel in our lives were it not for the fact that we believe this literally to be true. When our elderly labrador, Beatrice, and tabby, Crackers, were both diagnosed with kidney failure several years ago, the conventional vet suggested we euthanize them both immediately.

Instead, we turned to Marcie, who helped establish the emotional genesis of their illness, recommended homeopathic remedies, and gave us five more precious months with both of them. In more recent times, our young and otherwise healthy cat, Pip, injured his spine in a fall, leaving his hind legs completely useless, and the conventional vet suggested surgery which, he admitted, only had a 20% chance of success.

But Marcie interceded once again and Pip is now back to his usual self. That so mechanical a problem could be healed with homeopathy is especially astonishing, but we’ve grown to be continually astonished by Marcie, who is one part forensic detective, one part spiritual guide and 100% healer par excellence. That she also is trained as a DVM makes her especially knowledgeable and practical, but it’s the combination of the fact that she thinks outside the box and is a relentless perfectionist that makes her work transcend that of any other of the dozens of vets we’ve encountered.

She has a gift -- she is a gift -- and is in a category all her own. We feel genuinely blessed to have her in our lives."

David Byron & Paul Lussier, Venice, CA