by Marcie Fallek, DVM, CVA

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It is my professional opinion and the professional opinion of thousands of holistic veterinarians around the world, that we are over vaccinating our companion animals. Most veterinarians are administering yearly, vaccines whose duration can be even more than ten times that. I believe that every vaccination has the potential to do even irreparable harm, and that with each and every vaccination administered there should be an advantage/risk assessment. 

I agree with my colleague Dr. Patricia Monahan Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH & Herbology, when she states:

"Here is a very good well presented 50 page article from once again, a client with a vaccine damaged pet that had to be put to sleep on the recommendations of the western vet that administered the dangerous and unnecessary "yearly mumbo jumbo vaccine" to her 8 year old dog. The dog succumbed to vaccine adverse event and just like always the veterinary profession pretends to not understand the link of the vaccine administration to the death that comes.....this one in only 8 days following administer of the dangerous and useless mumbo jumbo. This woman is spearheading activism to stop the fraud of yearly vaccines........ The article is so well done, and again, I am embarrassed for my profession to be participating in the killing of so many of the world's much loved companion animals, for this the "other family doctor, " the compassionate profession" needs to reevaluate their role in every aspect of the Veterinary Hippocratic Oath that the AVMA adopted, shame on us for not being out there first and instead leaving even this terrible clean up job to the very clients whom we serve, to the owners of companion animals we kill in the ever growing vaccine administration disaster, the most dangerous medical practice act done every day, done without informed consent and without full disclosure, shame, shame shame, on veterinary medicine."

Sincerely, Patricia Monahan Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH & Herbology  

The real story in this work is not only of the humans and their intimate pain and suffering of the medical hubris but the ethics and morals of the individual doctors and how their professional affiliations react to the lifting of this veil of awakened understanding. A chance to follow the money will leave the reader with a clear understanding of where we were always headed despite the convoluted trail of deception it took us all to get here.


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About the Author: Catherine J Frompovich has been a consumer health researcher and advocate since the late 1970s. She was in the vanguard of the health and wellness movement based on holistic health principles; natural, nutritious foods and diet; complementary and alternative medicine (CAM); and the wisdom of health and healing as passed down through the years from various cultures. Now, mainstream science and medicine are beginning to agree with some of Catherine's convictions. Catherine always has been an advocate in favor of a person's birthright to the care and treatment of one's health and one's children's health as he or she desires. Nothing is more personal. Catherine is the author of numerous books dealing with health, wellness, and nutrition since the 1970s. Several of her books are on Amazon now.