I came to Dr. Fallek with two sick dogs and within a few short months, they were back to good health and their happy selves. Dr. Fallek is nothing short of a miracle worker.

My male Rhodesian Ridgeback had been suffering from IBS and allergies for over a year and a half, and had been on too many rounds of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to manage it. It would work for a short while, but the IBS would always come back, and my sweet happy dog would be miserable again. I couldn’t bear to see him suffer anymore and I knew I needed to find another solution. It was our good fortune to have found and consulted with Dr. Fallek and within three months of treatment, the IBS fully resolved without any further antibiotics or anti-inflammatories. He remains symptom free over a year later!

We then called upon Dr. Fallek’s expertise as he developed an open wound on his nose. We were unsure of what it was as it wasn’t healing. We tried laser treatments and ointments, and it still wouldn’t go away. After several rounds of unsuccessful treatment, we brought him to Dr. Fallek and she confirmed it was Discoid lupus, which she explained, is an immune response that can develop after the rabies vaccine. Sure enough, our male had received his rabies vaccine 6 weeks prior to the wound appearing. We immediately went on a homeopathic regimen and saw the healing begin within two weeks of treatment.

Now on to my female. My beautiful girl was suffering from painful anal gland infections and abscesses, and we were told the only route is continued antibiotic use and/or surgery to remove the glands. Dr. Fallek treated her and again, within a few short months her situation almost completely resolved and when she has a minor flare, it is treated quickly and effectively without the harmful side effects of medications or surgery.

We live in a world that is too quick to prescribe drugs without ever looking at the whole person, or in this case, animal. There are alternatives and with some patience and Dr. Fallek’s guidance, your animals will heal.

Not only is Dr. Fallek a true animal lover, she is an expert in her field and one of our most trusted resources. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone trying to heal their pets naturally. She is one in a million.

Lisa Sternfeld-Silver