Marcie Fallek is a veterinarian with true integrity in a world becoming increasingly corrupted by the institutionalization of veterinary care.  Long gone are the days when a visit to the vet meant a personal experience from a caring physician whose sole purpose was to see your beloved pet get better.  Now it is all about prescriptions and surgeries (which unfortunately mimics our healthcare industry in general).

My dog, Ali, a pitbull who was 9 years old at the time, had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  The vet that I had been going to since my dog was a baby told me that he had 3-6 months to live and would need amputation along with chemo and radiation to extend his life 12-18 months - at an estimated cost of $20,000.  After getting over the initial shock of what I was being told, I decided to do a  little research to see if there could somehow be an alternative to their recommendations.  In the meanwhile, I took my dog in for a biopsy which confirmed the cancer.  The biopsy also exacerbated the cancer and my dog quickly developed an 11” tumor at the exact spot where the biopsy needle went in.

In preparing myself for the misery of what was sure to follow, I started reading about alternative therapies and quickly came to realize, very fortunately, that there were other options available to treat these diseases. I came across Marcie’s website and it turned out her office was close to my home, so I made an appointment and we went over for a visit.

Visiting Marcie was a breath of fresh air. She took a look at my dog’s vet history and quickly determined what would be the best course of action to take. Her analysis made sense, for a change, and her recommendations were all natural (and economical). Since then, I continued on with my own research, combined with Marcie’s advice and one year later my dog is healthy, happy, and full of life! Best of all he did not suffer from any side effects throughout the entire experience. A miracle? No! It is how animals should be treated if vets weren’t so greedy. That is the hard and sad truth. Vets like Marcie are few and far between. She is in it because she loves animals not for the money.

Cancer is no easy thing to deal with, but I would urge anyone that has to deal with this dreaded disease in their pets to at least take a look around them and see that there is a world beyond chemo and radiation. Imagine all the billions upon billions that go into cancer research and all we hear is chemo and radiation!

I thank Marcie from the bottom of my heart for her integrity, for her willingness to stand up to an industry that has become completely corrupted, and for showing me that sometimes the best advice does not come necessarily have to come from a high tech and wealthy looking veterinary clinic. 

“Before" pic taken late February 2014, “after" taken a few weeks later that March.

Tim Y.