MARTINA - Oral Warts

Dear Doctor Fallek,

I have attached to this email 2 pictures of Martina's right side of the mouth before and after giving her thuja....I think they speak by themselves. Thank you! I will send you another email with pictures of the other side of the mouth. 

As I told you during our phone conversation on July 29th, Martina started again scratching/biting herself a little bit, not the ears or the belly this time but on the side of the thighs and the chest. It started 2 days after I gave her Heartgard and after 1 week I switched from dry food to raw food diet (I am giving her the pre-made frozen raw food). In case she does not stop scratching I might schedule a phone appointment with you.

Here are the pictures of Martina's left side of the mouth before and after giving her thuja. They started reducing in size 2 days after taking thuja and after 1 week they were all gone. All gone are also the warts that she had on the palate. Only one on the chin is still there but half of the size it used to be.


Veronica Giuliani