"Our Golden Retriever Trotter had an awful seizure one night when she was 6 years old. We took her to a traditional vet where the MRI confirmed she had a brain tumor. We were told that it was inoperable and we could consider radiation therapy which would require a lot of putting her under. We elected to forego radiation treatment and she was given 6-9 months to live.

We then sought out homeopathic services and we found Dr. Marcie Fallek. What a true gem of a find. We worked with her to develop all natural vitamin supplements and remedy for Trotter. We were seizure free for many years with the occasional breakthrough seizure later on. In short, under Dr. Fallek's care, we were able enjoy 3 more years with our beloved family member beyond the original vet's prediction.  And most importantly, those 3 years were incredibly high quality of life. As if she was not sick at all!"