When my Pitbull Chico turned 10, he was given the annual shots and shortly after, developed arthritis. 6 months later, the arthritis got worse and within the blink of an eye, he could barely walk.

The vet prescribed some pills. A combo of anti-inflammatory and gabapentin.

He was miserable. Spent all day in his crate and it was hard for him to stand up long enough to eat. I was carrying him most of the time. His whole body had ceased up and stopped working, and it was terrifying to see it happen so aggressively.

I did some research outside of traditional vet care as it felt useless, and found Marcie online, which I can only assume was divine intervention. Because we saw her 2 days later and after 1 session – Chico could stand up AND WALK!

Chico had been misdiagnosed with arthritis when in fact, he had IVDD, and the typical treatment is invasive surgery that costs around $20,000.

Marcie then proceeded to save Chico. After 8 treatment sessions of acupuncture, B12 shots, electric impulse therapy and homeopathy, Chico is walking better than he has been able to for longer than I can remember.

Chico In fact, he has exceeded all expectations. I remain in disbelief at how miraculous our experience with Marcie has been.

It’s also worth noting that Chico was rescued from an abusive environment and consequently had suffered from intense gastrointestinal and emotional issues. And through further homeopathy, Marcie has managed to single handedly solve every single one of Chico's problems.

Chico is healthier and happier at 10 than he has ever been in his life. And it’s all thanks to Marcie Fallek.  We cannot thank Marcie enough for what she has done. She has changed our lives, and my only regret is that we didn’t explore holistic medicine years ago.

Marcie – You are an ANGEL and we love you! XO