Dr. Fallek is a miracle worker. I brought my 18 year old Egyptian Mau to Dr. Fallek after he had been diagnosed with nasal cancer. He had gone through 4 weeks of radiation and he had taken a turn for the worse. Conventional medicine was not working and was actually making him more weak and sick. I found Dr. Fallek through an internet search, liked what she had to say, her moral outlook on life, and decided to make an appointment for my cat.

Dr. Fallek cares. She took the time to listen to my cat's medical history, and after examining him, started him on a holistic remedy. It's been a work in progress, but his energy has improved, he is eating and drinking again, and his breathing has greatly improved as well. My cat went from having one foot in the grave, to having a fighting chance at life. It's a true miracle, and I can't thank Dr. Fallek enough for her amazing healing abilities. I would strongly recommend Dr. Fallek and holistic pet care to everyone! Watch the video below to see how well Mau recovered.

Vanessa S.