In February 2023 my dog was completely paralyzed. It hurt me to watch her not being able to walk. The very next day I brought her to my vet to see what was the cause of her sudden spiral. The veterinarian told me she had IVDD (intervertebral disk disease) and said she would need surgery to walk again. He told me we could try medications but her chances to walk would be 40%. I couldn’t afford $11,000 surgery so I made the choice to go with the medication.

After two and a half weeks I didn’t notice anything getting better so I did some research and came across acupuncture and cold laser having positive results in dogs with IVDD, so I googled places where my dog could have these types of tremens. Luckily I found Marcie Fallek. At first, I wasn’t sure her treatments would work. I was also a little skeptical, but I stuck with her advice and natural remedies. After each treatment she improved. Then a miracle happened and one month later she is running!

I am very grateful I found Marcie and stuck with her plan. If it wasn’t for her guidance and treatments, my dog wouldn’t be here today.

Branden V. Bridgeport. CT