ruby - drug induced seizures

Doctor Fallek saved our dog Ruby from a vaccine overdose or whatever our previous Vet of 15 years did to our girl at the height of the pandemic using the curbside procedures. One day after we took her there for a wellness visit, she developed body tremors. We went back to them in panic and they loaded her with four different prescription drugs and the following day our dog has developed seizures.

Then I went to a neurologist who was referred by the same Vet and this doctor diagnosed Ruby with possible brain tumor and the only way to find out was by doing a very expensive MRI and that could be risky because Ruby was 12 1/2 years old, so this doctor gave her 3 to 5 months to live.

I was completely devastated and I kept searching for help because I know my dog was in perfect health the day we handed her to those technicians at the parking lot for a simple wellness visit.

After two sleepless weeks watching our girl suffer from what was done to her I found Dr Fallek. She took us on a Sunday; she opened her home and her heart to our Ruby at the height of a pandemic.

After a full consultation, she went through all of Ruby’s health history and then she said to us: “I don’t think she has a brain tumor, probably meningitis and we may be able to treat her, I will do the best I can.”

She sent us home with a remedy and full of hope. Because our Ruby is very anxious and sensitive to almost everything it took us many different trials, but after four and half months of treatment with doctor Fallek we have our dog back.

It’s been almost seven months since this whole nightmare began; it’s hard to believe that Ruby is enjoying long walks at the beach and the park every day. Ruby sleeps through the night, which she had stopped doing, eats well and started playing with her toys again.

Ruby is thirteen now and she will never be the same after what our previous Vet put her through, but we are extremely grateful for doctor Fallek for giving our dog the quality of life she deserves.

Maria S. Long Island