CHI CHI - Kidney Failure, Heart Failure, Aspiration Pneumonia & IVD

In July of last year, I was told to prepare to put my baby to sleep due to progressive kidney failure. I spent thousands to save her life but conventional doctors told me they could do nothing for her. Still not ready to give up, I asked God to pleaseeeeee save my dog's life.

Well not only did God answer my prayers, he sent me a miracle by the name of Marcie Fallek, an amazing holistic veterinarian with offices in Manhattan & Connecticut. Although she could not make me any promises, she accepted the challenge to try to save my dog's life, so I packed up my dog, my mom & my sister & we drove all the way to her Connecticut office the next day. Well I tell you, she wasted no time reversing the damage that was done!

We talked for about 2 hours about my dog's behavior, her moods, illnesses, likes along with her dislikes & based on that conversation alone, she knew what to do!!! She STOPPED all of the conventional medication & improved my dog's kidneys, heart & breathing issues with VITAMINS. Look at GOD!!!!!!!

I kid you not, this woman is awesome!! Whenever Chi Chi is not well, I call her and based on what I tell her, she solves the problem OVER THE PHONE!!!! Just recently my dog suffered spinal trauma & was having trouble standing without falling over. Once again, Dr. Fallek to the rescue: acupuncture and vitamins. Chi Chi is not 100% yet but she's getting better.

I felt the need to share my testimony with those of you that have fur babies. I now realize that conventional veterinarians pump your pets with poison which shortens their lives and they do this for money. I encourage you to find a holistic vet like Dr. Marcie Fallek, someone who genuinely cares about animals & believes in natural healing to improve the quality of their life!‪