Diablo, Olivia & Bridget, the Whole Holistic Family

I was truly at a breaking point when I found Dr. Fallek in an online search.  I had worked with other homeopaths and tried every conventional veterinary approach.  Yet our Standard Poodle still lost all of his nails from one autoimmune disorder and then nearly died from Addisons disease.  After suffering a total collapse and being hospitalized in intensive care for over one week, he continued to suffer from chronic infections and other adverse side effect from steroids and antibiotics.  The financial and emotional consequences were devastating for me and my husband and for our beloved Diablo.

At the same time, our 10 year old Bullmastiff Olivia who had been healthy up to this point in her life, had developed a cancerous tumor in her ear along with an ear and a bladder infection.  Faced with the prospect of removing much of her adorable ear just to perform a biopsy, I was on a mission to find the best holistic treatment.  Finding Dr. Fallek was a god send.

I was stunned by the effectiveness of the treatment for both dogs. Every veterinarian including the specialists told us that Diablo's nails would never be normal and that there would always be a chance of the nails breaking even under normal circumstances. Dr. Fallek explained that as the holistic treatment improved his health, the nails would recover. And she was right. His nails are strong and shiny and healthy. And the ongoing progress has been just as remarkable for Olivia. The infections cleared up for both dogs and the tumor in Olivia's ear is in remission.

In addition to the dogs, we have a beautiful 12 year old cat, Bridget, who had also been taking medication for hyperthyroidism for one year at the time that we first brought her to Dr. Fallek.  In the course of that year, she was withdrawn and had lost her energy and vitality.  Her response to Dr. Fallek's treatment has also been amazing – running, playing with toys like a kitten, jumping to the top of a 7 foot armoire and in general being her former friendly and extroverted self.

These are all older animals yet they are now active, loving and playful and we are basking in their renewed vitality and good health.

Dr. Fallek's advice regarding homeopathic remedies, supplements and nutrition reflect a depth of knowledge in both holistic health practices as well as conventional veterinary medicine.  And she is a pleasure to work with.  She is keenly observant of each animal, willing to explain the nature of their problems and to be available for questions.  Dr. Fallek is a consummate professional and I highly recommend her to everyone whether you want to enhance the health and longevity of your pet or if like us, you are faced with "incurable" conditions.

Sheila F, New York