My mom and I would like to THANK YOU for what you did for our bunny Ashes. He was a very sick little bunny and for four days he hadn't eaten or drank anything. He was bloated and lethargic and nothing we gave him including the pain medication prescribed by the vet seemed to help.

The night before we saw you we thought we would have to make the final decision in putting him down but I just couldn't without trying one more thing and thankfully that was you. Since we saw you his bloat went down, his bowels are moving and he is eating again. This happened in less than 20 minutes of giving him your treatment!!!

He no longer appears to be in pain. I can't believe how quickly it happened! I've always believed in using alternative therapies but now I've seen its benefits with my own eyes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It seems like everyone should integrate treatments for their pets...they may have them a little longer if they only did! This thanksgiving I am Thankful that I found YOU because I believe you saved our little bunny's life!

Jennifer R.