I wish I knew about holistic veterinary care years ago. I believe if I had, I would have been a better pet parent and could have provided my pets with far better quality of life than what a mainstream veterinarian can offer. When we adopted Hazel in February 2021, we knew she was coming to us as a mature dog with some serious health conditions. She was heart worm positive and had mammary tumors, due to not being spayed yet. Despite her medical issues, Hazel quickly showed us what a sweet, polite, goofy, happy dog she is. We loved her immediately. 

After countless treatments and surgeries, which were all accompanied by both prescription and over the counter drug protocols, it seemed like Hazel’s medical issues were not improving, but instead multiplying. In the first 12 months of adopting Hazel, we brought her to our “trusted” vet at least twice as many times. It was heartbreaking to watch Hazel get worse with each visit. 

Finding Marcie was answered prayer. Hazel had overwhelming medical issues and the accompanying vet records to go with them. Marcie took the time to be thorough, not only with all of Hazel’s paperwork, but also in getting to know Hazel and her personality. 

My testimonial would be too long if I outlined every area in which Hazel’s health has been improved since trusting in Marcie and the holistic process of trial and error. I will share two high points that are nothing less than a miracle. 

First, in early 2021, we were told that a recent ultrasound revealed a mass on Hazel’s liver and that it was no doubt cancer. Multiple blood panels showed her liver values to be off the charts, and getting worse each time the panel was run. We started working with Marcie in May 2022. In November 2022, we had a panel run to see where she was. Hazel’s liver values were completely normal. Completely normal.

In August of 2022, Hazel was in really bad shape. She had a high fever that wouldn’t come down, her belly was swelled up and was huge, and she was lethargic. In the middle of the night, we brought her into a traditional vet for emergency help and fluids. That day, Marcie stayed close by phone listening to updates and helping us to interpret what the other vets were saying. By the end of the day, the traditional vets were recommending euthanasia. We brought Hazel home and agreed we would give her until the next day to see how she was doing. I even went as far as researching at home euthanasia services in our area. Agreeing that we would not let Hazel suffer, Marcie told me she didn’t know what could be done, but that she would try. Over the next 24-hour period, Hazel showed amazing signs of improvement. Her fever went down, her belly started to shrink a little, and she started showing more energy. In the days and weeks that followed, we tried various remedies to help her continue to heal. Here were are, it’s almost December and our sweet, happy, goofy girl is still with us. She is thriving. We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing Marcie Fallek and holistic veterinary care into our lives. From the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you, Marcie.