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treatable conditions

Holistic methods of treatment can address most conditions, ranging from behavioral disorders such as aggression or separation anxiety, all the way to the most severe physical ailments such as epilepsy or cancer. Sometimes the conditions can be cured - meaning there is no more signs of any dis-ease and no further treatment is necessary, and sometimes with more advanced severe chronic disease, the immune system and the life force of the animal can be raised enough to relieve or eradicate the symptoms as long as there are periodic acupuncture treatments or continuing use of homeopathic remedies or supplements. Where there is advanced tissue pathology, such as severe arthritic changes, the structure of the body can rarely be reversed. In all cases, however, the treatments are building the animal's health, strength and immune system, in contrast to the use of conventional drugs, where the animal's system can be weakened by the drug itself, or suffer debilitating or disastrous side effects. Following is a partial list of conditions that I commonly see.



• aggression

• anxiety disorders

• fear: eg of strangers, dogs, new situations, car rides, irrational fears, etc.

• inappropriate urination- eg not using litter box or urinating and/or defecating in the house

• psychogenic alopecia (licking skin and fur off due to emotional issues)

• hyperactivity

• excessive vocalization (barking, whining, meowing)

• Hypersexual behavior (excessive mounting etc)



• arthritis

• torn ligaments/muscles

• paralysis: total or partial

• herniated (slipped) discs

• neck injuries

• panosteitis

• dislocated joints

• dysplasias- hip and elbow

• miositis



• allergies

• infections

• mange- demodectic or sarcoptic

• hot spots

• miliary dermatitis

• ringworm

• ear infections



• Chronic Vomiting and/or diarrhea (or acute)

• Inflammatory Bowel Disease

• Chronic constipation (or acute)

• Flatulance

• Bloat


Urinary System

• Acute or chronic cystitis (bladder infections/inflammation)


• Bladder Stones

• Kidney Failure


Nervous System

• Epilepsy

• Degenerative Myelopathy

• Paralysis


Genital system

• prostatic disease

• vaginal disease

• pyometra

• reproductive problems


Respiratory System

• chronic sinusitis

• chronic upper respiratory infections

• asthma

• kennel cough

• conjunctivitis



• mast cell tumors

• lung

• intestinal

• bone

• and many other types