Holistic medicine is different from conventional medicine in that it is more time intensive.  A “typical” initial consult is usually about 30 minutes, although occasionally it may be as long as 60 minutes or as short as 15 minutes, depending upon your knowledge of holistic care and the complexity of the case. The charge is based upon time actually spent. (Please see price sheet for details of initial consults.)

During this initial consult, you will learn a great deal about how to keep your animal healthy, i.e. preventative care, proper nutrition, exactly what vaccines are truly necessary for your pet, as well as discuss safe flea and tick prevention and many other basic concerns. We will discuss the 5 main causes of disease and hopefully, if your animal is sick, uncover the factors that have contributed to the presenting problem. This is very helpful in order to truly heal the sickness and to learn what to avoid in the future so it will not recur. This knowledge will last you a lifetime, and will undoubtedly save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of this pet and all future pets. Well pet and puppy/kitten visits are covered within this initial consult. Visits will typically last from 15 to 60 minutes, prorated per five minutes.

Holistic medicine does not suppress symptoms like conventional medicine, but works to strengthen the immune system in order to bring the pet back to health. It is important that you understand that this is a process and takes time, oftentimes many months, especially if the pet has been on a number of conventional drugs, although results may often be seen sooner. Unless there is a very simple situation that can be cured by diet, supplements, acupuncture, cranial sacral or cold laser, most chronic diseases are addressed with homeopathy. A homeopathic workup takes about 60 minutes and in that time we go over the entire history of the patient from the time you got him/her to the present time, including all aspects - physical, emotional and mental. This approach is detailed in the pamphlet "Demystifying Homeopathy." It is very important that before you schedule an appointment you read this short pamphlet so you understand how homeopathy works. This workup is done once in the lifetime of the animal. (Please see price sheet for details). 

An in-person follow up visit to the clinic is highly recommended 1 month after the initial workup. The first time we meet, much information is both given and received and can seem overwhelming. The follow up visit enables both you and I to delve deeper into the animal’s condition and will allow for better results. For your animal’s continued health, it is important to have bi-annual or annual in-person visits, although of course I am available as need dictates.

Between physical in-house visits, it is also important that we maintain phone contact. Initially phone consults are needed approximately every 2 to 6 weeks, although as we progress in treatment, they can often be as infrequent as every 3 to 6 months. Phone consults usually last between 10 and 20 minutes although they can be longer as needed. (Please see price sheet for details).

The time and money invested in the initial visit with myself or another homeopathic/holistic veterinarian is an important investment in the wellbeing of your animal. A typical initial investment for a sick animal is usually between $700 and $1,000 exclusive of supplements.

Initial Consultation and Examination Fee
1 hour Comprehensive $500
3/4 Hour $420
1/2 Hour $350
Brief 1/4 Hour $230
Follow-up Visits
1 Hour $500
3/4 Hour $420
1/2 Hour $350
1/4 Hour $230
Telephone Consultations $10 per minute  — 5 minute minimum
Homeopathic work-up and analysis $585
Further analysis time based on minutes $10 per minute
Single Dose $27
Liquid Multiple Dose $70
Treatments (per session) $190
Aquapuncture with B12 $55
Re-evaluation See "Follow-Up Visits"
Cold Laser Treatment $65

One-time initial medical record setup fee $35.
Minimum mailing fee is $22.
There is a $80 fee for returned checks.
Missed appointment fee for less than 48 hours cancellation notice is $350.
All cancellations must be done by phone NOT by email.
Transportation surcharge of $150 for NYC appointments
We take checks, cash or credit card: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX (with surcharge: 3%).

Effective 02/15/2024