"We call her the Miracle Doctor. Our ten-year old Siamese cat has been very ill falling from spasms and seizures for months, most likely from a brain tumor. He began having trouble walking a few years ago. Dr. Fallek diagnosed him with a slipped disc and one remedy did the trick for nearly two years. This past year, however, the muscle spasms increased in frequency, and we realized that there is a deeper underlying illness. The cat screamed out in pain day and night, and we did not know if he would ever walk again without falling.

In August we were reconciled to the fact that we might have to put him down, as his quality of life was living in a crate and falling constantly from these spasms, including in his food dish and in the litter box. Dr. Fallek said that she would find a remedy to cure Shakespeare’s symptoms, and she did. In the past three months the cat has only been in the crate about five days. Under the Miracle Doctor’s care we have more time with our cat. And we are all grateful"

Dianna and Chuck Miller, Shelton, CT