I’m not the type of person to write reviews, but I felt like I needed to share with others how incredibly talented, caring and accommodating Dr. Fallek is. In Nov 2018 Marek, our loving Dobie, was diagnosed with lymphoma. My fiancé and I were devastated and heartbroken to say the least. Marek did have surgery to remove the inflamed lymph node from a local vet. Lymph node biopsy came back positive for lymphoma, it was discussed with us that the best form of treatment would be chemo.

My fiancé and I didn’t know if chemo was the best form of treatment for him. After many hours to days of researching I came across Dr. Fallek. Read positive reviews and figured I’d reach out and see what she says about Marek's diagnoses. Dr Fallek was able to get us in fast for a consultation and took her time really getting to know Marek and learning about his health history and recent diagnoses, which I truly appreciated.

I will never forget Dr Fallek’s exact words “I will do my absolute best to help Marek” and all my worries and fears had lifted off me, that was the moment I knew everything would be okay. I felt as though she was treating my dog like it was her own and that meant the world. At the start of Dr. Fallek’s remedy, Marek presented with inflamed lymph nodes both in neck area and hind legs area. He also presented with cystic lesions on the paws. 

Dr Fallek quickly and efficiently came up with an individualized and personalized treatment for Marek. Within weeks, Marek’s lymph nodes significantly decreased (none were palpable in neck any longer) and his paws were healing. Not to mention the inflammation after lymph node surgery had also significantly decreased. We cannot thank Dr. Fallek enough for all she has done. She has forever stamped a permanent spot in both our hearts for allowing us to have more time with Marek and also in Marek’s heart for allowing him to play, be healthy and happy like all dogs should be!