Hunter - Cutaneous Lymphoma Cured in Two Weeks

I normally do not write testimonials but felt compelled to in this situation. After having received test results that my loving dog, Hunter, a very young ten-year-old Border Collie had Cutaneous Lymphoma, I was devastated.

My regular Vet indicated that his only option was Chemotherapy, but prognosis was very poor. Through a friend I was introduced to Dr. Marcie Fallek, in my opinion, the most knowledgeable and devoted person I have ever met.

Prior to our visit with her, she asked for all of Hunters medical history, including the most recent test results. Recognizing the urgency, Marcie was able to meet with Hunter and myself and took the time to go over the situation.

In the short period of time between Hunter’s Cancer diagnosis and our visit with Marcie, he had developed numerous bumps all over his body. In fact, there were too many to get an accurate count.

Marcie asked me a lot of questions about Hunter, she wanted to know about all the changes I have seen in his behavior. Can’t ever remember any other Vet taking the time to really understand the history of a pet’s behavior.

During my conversation with her I told her about an incident where Hunter caught a stick and it got stuck in the roof of his month and I had to pull it out. After that episode Hunter stopped doing everything he loved and apparently went into depression.

Marcie was able to take all the information I provided and along with Labs test results and was able to determine the best Holistic approach to move forward with. After just two weeks, every bump on his body is gone and I got my happy playful companion back.

I cannot thank Marcie enough, she never promised me the results I have witnessed but was optimistic she could help. That she did!

Lynn B., Connecticut