by Marcie Fallek, DVM, CVA

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine developed approximately 200 years ago and practiced in most of the world. It is a method of healing using the energy extracted from natural substances, such as plants and minerals. This energized material is used to stimulate the body's own healing capacity. It is not a drug, a vitamin or an herb, but purely energy used as a catalyst to help the body heal itself. It is based upon the "law of similars" or in other words "treating like with like." 

So for example coffee (the crude substance) can make us agitated, sleepless, give us heart palpitations, etc, so when we see these symptoms in an individual, whether or not they were caused by coffee, giving coffea tosta, the homeopathic remedy, or the energy extracted from the substance coffee, can cure those symptoms. 

Or another example is Apis - the energy extracted from the honey bee's venom. We all know what happens when a bee stings us- we get a hot red painful swelling that is always better for cold applications (ex ice) and worse for hot (ex hot water), When we have a situation where we find this kind of lesion - a hot, red ,painful swelling etc., such as a spay incision or a bruise or some types of acutely swollen joints, Apis - the homeopathic remedy can relieve the symptoms and cure the patient, whether or not the condition was caused by a bee sting or not. 

Homeopathy can address not only acute problems, such as traumas or diarrhea/vomiting from eating indiscretions, or torn ligaments etc, but can also address deeply seated chronic disease. This includesautoimmune disease such as inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, diabetes, (please see my list of treatable conditions), etc., and even behavioral/mental disorders such as aggression and depression. 

When I do a "homeopathic intake" I spend about an hour going over all the pet's symptoms- emotional, mental,and physical - homeopathy sees them as intimately connected. Homeopaths also understand that symptoms of "dis-ease" are attempts by the body to heal itself, and use them as important clues in guiding them toward the correct remedies, rather than merely trying to suppress them. Then I do a "homeopathic analysis" where I construct a treatment plan -highly individualized according to the symptoms,- in order to select the appropriate remedies from the thousands available. 

Therefore, classical homeopathy helps the patient address the cause of the disease, rather than merely suppressing the symptoms. 

Homeopathy is my true love - I am constantly amazed and delighted with the depth and breadth of its healing ability. Although it was first used on humans, all its tenets can be applied to all living creatures,all the way from a parakeet to an elephant! What is even more amazing and beautiful to me, is how similar we all are- understanding the emotions are crucial for selecting an appropriate remedy, and over the years I have really learned to appreciate that all God's creatures have similar emotions- all the way from fear to loneliness to yearning for love. Really and truly understanding that has tremendously helped my ability to cure. 

Homeopathic remedies are extremely safe and easy to administer as they are usually in the form of sugar-tasting pellets or powders. And they can also be dissolved in milk or water so that even those difficult to medicate kitties can be easily treated.