Savannah is Dr. Fallek's own dog

© Marcie Fallek, DVM, CVA

I adopted Savannah at 3 months old from the North Shore Animal League. Even my father, who could barely read an animal's emotion to save his life, noted that Savannah was a troubled soul. Although loving with all dogs outside the house, at 8 pounds, she would throw herself aggressively at any dog who dared to enter her home.

She would sit mournfully all the day long on my new antique velvet green chair, the chair that I swore would never see the behind of a canine, and stare desolately out the window. It was clear to me that she needed company.

One year later enter Destiny, a 3- month old puppy found in a cage along the side of a road in Kentucky, by my best friend. She was a sunny happy outgoing puppy. She ran like a border collie but bites like a Pit Bull, as I found out recently.

Over the years, consumed by jealousy, Savannah taught Destiny to fear other dogs and to keep them away from herself, as she no longer had any interest in anyone but her younger sister. Destiny started with body blocks but over time, became more and more aggressive in her role as guardian/protector of her 'fold.' Out of a deep love and overwhelming sense of responsibility, she was determined to do her job well.

These photos document a case of referred aggression. Looking out the window together, they saw another dog, and unable to get the preferred dog, they went after each other and Destiny won.

Arriving home, I found what looked like a murder scene. Blood was everywhere: wall, floors, furniture….. Destiny had minor puncture wounds and Savannah had a 5 - 6 inch gaping hole in her neck as well as many other holes in her head and neck area.

Thank God they love each other. It was nothing personal.

Knowing the power of homeopathy, antibiotics were not on the table.

JULY 11, 2013

Initially she had puncture wounds on the left ear, shoulder and neck. The skin was thickened with cellulitis and bluish spots due to the trauma of broken blood vessels. There was foul pus in the ear, with blood matting her long hair. She would not allow me to touch her due to the pain, never mind shave the hair. Her left ear was completely filled with blood- a total aural hematoma.

I gave her Arnica 30C for the trauma, the cellulitis, the bruising, and the hematoma alternated with Ledum 30 C for the puncture wounds.

JULY 12, 2013

The next day the infection had dramatically worsened with very foul thick green pus in the ear as well as a huge abscess on the left side of the neck that was exquisitely painful. The pus was very thick and green with a nasty odor.

I started her on Hepar Sulph 30 C, for the painful abscess alternated with Gunpowder 6c which is good for resistant infections.

JULY 13, 2013

The hematoma completely resolved, but the pus was even fouler, and she was becoming very aggressive if I tried to examine the wound. I knew I needed to shave the hair off so she could heal and I could monitor the wound. I had avoided anesthesia in many other situations, but it I knew it was necessary now.

As I don't have a full- scale hospital I took her to a conventional vet, a friend, where I was able to watch the procedure and make sure she did not get any antibiotics or drugs such as painkillers. (After a previous fight, I had caved in and allowed one injection of Penicillin and even the other vet was shocked that it made the infection WORSE, not better.)

After he shaved her down under anesthesia, the vet didn't think it looked like an infection, just a very bad hot spot on her left neck. The arnica and ledum had done a miraculous job of healing the puncture wounds. The skin was just very swollen with cellulitis, with bruised purplish areas.

I gave Pyrogenium 200C one dose for what I knew to be a deep- seated infection.

JULY 15, 2013

The ear -flap is normal, odor is much improved and the cellulitis much better, but a 6-8 inch hard cracking abscess had formed and localized itself on the left neck area. I gave Hepar Sulph 30C three times that day.

JULY 16, 2013

The abscess is smaller, less painful, but the skin is hardening even more, cracking and peeling off with grey pus oozing out. There is a very slight odor. Cellulitis is much improved.


The whole area (left side of neck) is now neurotic. Cold dead grey hard cracking tissue. There is a deep hole in the flesh. Skin very hard and thick and thin pus is bubbling through deep cracks. Pieces of skin starting to break off. The body seems to be consolidating the wound to one area. It is very frightening. I have never seen a situation like this that hasn't needed surgery to remove the affected area.

I gave Crot-horridus 30 c twice that day for the decaying flesh and rapidity and violence of destruction of tissue.

Immediately after the second dose of Crot-h, that first day (7/17/2013,) blood poured profusely from the lesion bathing the tissue with its healing power. (The blood went all over the wound, the dog, the couch and the house! ) You can see in the picture the fresh blood starting to dry on the hair. Within seconds the area went from cold, grey and dead to red and alive.

JULY 18, 2013

Remedy was given only once in the 24 hours instead of twice – condition regressed, worsened, returning to its necrotic purulent dead state.

JULY 20, 2013

Remedy was given – 2 doses in two hours. After another bleeding/healing episode!

JULY 21, 2013

Healing resumes. Granulation tissue forming, wound closing up with nice healthy tissue.

JULY 22, 2013

Wound getting smaller and smaller. Looking good!

JULY 25, 2013

Drying up and almost gone!

Savannah cured with her new feminine anti bite collar!

Disclaimer: The case histories that I write about are based on actual animals that I have treated. The names of some clients and patients have been changed to maintain their privacy. The facts are written as accurately as possible, based on my medical notes and phone and/or in-person interviews. Some minor details of setting or other non-medical facts may differ slightly due to lapse of memory after so many years. I apologize in advance for any such errors.