Destiny is Dr. Fallek's own dog

© Marcie Fallek, DVM, CVA

My beloved Border collie mix, Destiny, has one of the most aggressive mast cell tumors that I have witnessed in my almost 30 years of practice. With the grace of God, and precise homeopathic treatment, it has been in remission for the past 8 years. She is 9 years old as of this writing.

Then in October 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit. My house was flooded with 3 feet of water, with Katrina-like toxic liquid outside of my house, hip deep, as well as in the basement. My deepest and most overwhelming concern was for the fate of my poor dog(s). I was most concerned with Destiny. I didn’t want to expose her skin, nor have her ingest that toxic brew of diesel fuel, raw sewage, polluted sea- water, and God knows what else.

Despite taking the greatest care, to my despair a week into my 12 day power loss Destiny’s tumor ballooned from it’s flat white non-active state into a 3 ½ inch red angry looking mass, that actually looked like a double tumor one piled on top of the other. Worse still, it had metastasized into the inguinal lymph node, measuring approximately 2 inches. Then it became necrotic, smelling like the stinking dead tissue, which it was and Destiny stopped eating. Without a doubt, my dog was dying.

I was distraught to say the least.  Sandy was a disastrous event on many counts, but to lose my dog was the worst.

I prayed to God, to please help turn this situation around and to help me to heal my baby, and let this healing be a light of hope for others and to again demonstrate to me the incredible power of homeopathy.

NOVEMBER 7, 2012

Mast Cell Tumor blows up within hours during the stress of Hurricane Sandy. My house was flooded with 3 feet of water, with no power for 12 days. The tumor had been a slightly pale pink raised area approximately one inch by half an inch prior to the storm; now it is approximately three inches by two inches, hot red and angry looking. (Carcinosin 30 C given)

NOVEMBER 10, 2012

The tumor progresses, solidifying into a hard mass of foul smelling necrotic and ulcerative tissue, oozing serum from its surface. There is a hard cord running deep within the tumor to the now greatly enlarged inguinal lymph node. Destiny stays by herself most of the day and night licking at the tumor. Carbo Veg 30 C is administered. It is a remedy used for skin conditions, including tumors, where the tissue is ulcerative, moist, foul, decaying with fetid discharges.

NOVEMBER 11, 2012

Tumor no longer oozing fluid, drying up, ulcers disappearing, no more foul odor, shrinking in size

NOVEMBER 12, 2012

Tumor continues to shrink, less red and angry looking. Clearly the high vascularization of the tumor is diminishing, as evidenced by the more normal color of the tissue although still streaked by some angry red lines. (Carbo veg also is used for when the tissue is marbled with venous overdistention as is witnessed here!)  The ventral mass is not as prominent and is merging more into the normal inguinal tissue.

NOVEMBER 13, 2012

NOVEMBER 14, 2012 AM

Carbo Veg 30 c repeated. Destiny ate (lamb) for first time in days! Almost her old self: perky and playful. Part of tumor is normal skin color in the afternoon (not so in am!) Very little odor. Wagging happy tail! Mood constantly improving.

NOVEMBER 14, 2012 PM

Lachesis 30 C given based on the keynote of purple colored tissue.

NOVEMBER 15, 2012

Repeated Lachesis 30 C early AM .  The “secondary” tumor beneath the top one is disappearing. The Primary tumor flattening and hardening, turning a purplish red and very hard. It is much dryer.

November 16, 2012

Tumor less purple and becoming flatter.

NOVEMBER 17, 2012

More normal looking skin appearing: skin tone healthier. Looks like tumor is being chewed off, but is actually just disappearing on its own!

NOVEMBER 18, 2012

The tumor is regressing. It appears to be getting larger and redder and harder with a big swelling again under the tumor. There are necrotic areas on surface of tumor again. It is hot to the touch. Destiny is licking it constantly. A clear yellow serous material is oozing from marbleized looking mass. The lymph node again is very large. She is eating only select foods such as lamb and steak. She is acting normally in the sense that she is happy taking walks but she still sleeps downstairs without me and licks at the tumor.

NOVEMBER 20, 2012

Carboneum sulph 30C is given in two doses two hours apart. This remedy is useful in controlling the growth of cancers. A key note is a ‘double- tumor’ of the kind Destiny is showing. The tumor begins to shrink again. I cancelled my Christmas Holiday to India.  I know in my heart that if I leave her, she would die.

NOVEMBER 20, 2012 – later that day

The tumor is almost gone. Normal skin has replaced the tumor. There is just a small area of inflammation.

NOVEMBER 25, 2012

The tumor measures ½ inch by 1¼ inch. The tumor is always smaller in the morning. There is no odor and just a slight superficial ulceration. She is licking the tumor less and is acting totally normal- running on the beach, happy. She will only lick it when lying down occasionally.

NOVEMBER 28, 2012. Very small tumor left.

DECEMBER 1, 2012

Started Pulsatilla LM1 10 drops once a day. Pulsatilla is useful for neediness and stress. This in fact, seemed to be the precipitating cause of the growth of the tumor during the power outage and flood. The tumor is dramatically healing now and is practically gone. There is just a small slightly raised inflamed area. When I skip a day tumor returns to level of prior day. With daily dosing it improves daily.

DECEMBER 9, 2012

Almost all of the tissue is normal now. There are just a couple of traces of inflamed tissue.

DECEMBER 17, 2012

Normal color, normal looking tissue, only slightly raised.

DECEMBER 19, 2012

The tumor is back to pre Sandy state. Normal color slightly raised soft area.


(Destiny lived 'til the ripe old age of 15 1/2 and died cancer free.)