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Bach Flower Remedies: These are essences of various types offlowers that can be used to treat emotional disorders . They were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a nineteenth century British physician and homeopath. They are very safe and effective, and can be used alongside of any treatment.


Herbs: Herbs are a safe and gentle way of addressing many problems. Sometimes, in and of themselves, they can cure the condition, and sometimes I use them as an adjunct therapy with the energy modalities of acupuncture and homeopathy.


Vitamins: Many of our companion animals are suffering from mild to severe vitamin deficiencies, and simply furnishing them with the needed vitamins can give dramatic results. Other times, I will use them in therapeutic doses, that can help boost the immune system and therefore help heal the patient.


Glandulars: These are extracted from the glandular tissues of animals, usually cows. I use only organic glandulars, to be sure that we are not adding harmful toxins, pesticides, hormones, etc, to the pet's already stressed system. These substances can help heal the damaged organs by adding needed enzymes and nutrients.


Slippery Elm PowderClick here to download a PDF of instructions.


Other Nutritional Supplements: there are many many other natural products that can be very useful for your pet: from enzymatic supplements, to probiotics, to antioxidents, to apple cider vinegar, etc. After I examine the animal and go over all of the problems, we will come up with a plan individually tailored to his/her needs.