Administer remedy at least 15 minutes from food and water. Use spring or distilled water only.




Store this bottle at room temperature away from direct sunlight or strong odors such as cooking smells or perfumes (especially camphor, which is in some ointments and liniments).  Also, do not place the bottle near hi-fi speakers, microwave ovens, televisions or other electronic equipment. Keeping a distanceof3 -4 feet is adequate. With each treatment follow the 5-step procedure below - first shaking the bottle and then diluting and mixing the medicine into a specially-prepared glass* of water, from which you will dose your animal:


1.  Shake the bottle exactly 10 times by hitting it against a firm, yielding object like a book or arm of a chair or against the heel of your hand. The idea is to agitate it enough that the liquid foams up for a very brief second.

2.  If, after the shaking, there is fluid in the dropper - first empty it back into the bottle so it will mix with the rest of the medicine. Then add 10 drops of the shaken medicine to half (1/2) cup of distilled or spring water which has been put into a class or ceramic mug specially prepared for this use (as described below*). It is all right if the water comes from a plastic container.

3.  Stir this dilution vigorously with a teaspoon*, for about 30 seconds until it is well mixed.

4.  Then, give _________________________ by mouth using they syringe (or a spoon - see Figure A below). (If administration of the diluted medicine is very difficult, an optional method is to add the dose to a small amount of milk or half and half. This can then be offered in a bowl). To ensure maximum effectiveness, do not give any food for 10 minutes before or after treatment.

5.  Throw out the remaining glassful of diluted medicine (as you will be making up a fresh batch each time you give a treatment). Cleanse the glass and spoons with hot water as described below*.

NOTE: At each treatment, you will go through the same process of (1) shaking the bottle, (2) making the dilution into a glass, (3) mixing, (4) giving I dose, and (5) cleansing the glass and spoon with hot water. If at any time during this treatment program,you are not sure that your animal is responding as it should, please call the office and leave a report.

* Directions for preparing glass and spoon for use: After each treatment, the glass, spoon, and plastic syringe need to be neutralized by getting them quite hot for a few minutes. Pour boiling water from a kettle into the glass containing the spoon and separated syringe and let the water cool to room temperature.  Later, empty the glass and turn it upside down to drain on a towel, along with the spoon and syringe. Now everything is ready for the next treatment. Note that it is OK to handle the glass and syringe with your fingers. We are not trying to sterilize the equipment, rather to neutralize the last dose.


STOP if any aggravation

(meaning ANY worsening of ANYTHING)

and call me.

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Dr. Marcie Fallek provides Holistic Veterinary services from her Fairfield Connecticut office. Holistic Vet services provided include Veterinary Acupuncture, Homeopathy,  Nutrition, Behavioral Counseling and Treatment and more for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals.



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