A Rottweiler Named Maddie


Dear Dr. Fallek, I want to thank you for taking care of my Madison. She is almost 13 years old and that is unheard of for a Rottweiler. Maddie was the first dog that I ever had which started immediately with homeopathy. She was 13 weeks old and we brought her to you so that you could have a good baseline.


Throughout the years Maddy's had some good days and not so good days but with your knowledge and love of animals you gave me a wonderful and healthy companion.


We needed to use other vets for diagnostic reasons but every time I use one I felt that their first course of action was always some type of steroidal remedy. They Didn't try to figure out the cause of the problem, they just treated the symptoms.


I feel that every day that I have Madison is a day that is a gift and it is because of your expertise and knowledge thanks for giving me a chance to enjoy my baby girl.