Many of us have become frustrated with the limits of conventional  veterinary care. Our pets are frequently afflicted with the same chronic, debilitating diseases that we are – cancer, arthritis, allergies, asthma, skin diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, disc disease, etc., and to a great extent traditional medicine does not seem to be able to help.

There is an alternative to the endless cycle of cortisone and antibiotics. Together we can help your pet reach a new level of good health naturally.

It is Dr. Fallek's opinion that animals have the natural ability to heal themselves and it's the physician's duty to facilitate the healer within. Therefore she believes in using energetic and other natural modalities to rebalance the dis-eased being. She has found that there is rarely, if ever, the necessity to use toxic drugs.

Dr. Fallek is a conventionally trained veterinarian who is now dedicated to a natural, holistic, drug-free approach to health. She incorporates many healing modalities, tailoring the treatments to each animal's needs.

Check out Marcie's article on spiritual connections with animals just published on a brand new site, Hartford FAVS. Hartford FAVS is a non-sectarian blog covering faith and values news.To read the article, click here: We Need To Watch Out For Each Other.

Dr. Fallek is happy to announce that she is now a regular contributor to Dogs Naturally Magazine, in print and online.


"Are Vets Killing Pets?" Asks Holistic Veterinarian In New Book

March 7, 2014

"Trust your intuition for your dog's survival," warns Dr. Marcie Fallek, in her new book, Krishna's Flute: The Spiritual Journey Of A Holistic Veterinarian.  Get a free e-chapter at Dr. Fallek's website, http://holisticvet.us.


Krishna's Flute: the Spiritual Journey of a Holistic Veterinarian centers on Dr. Marcie Fallek's love of animals, and the lessons learned from her pets, clients, and patients.  In a newly-released chapter of Dr. Fallek's book, "Trust Your Intuition For Your Dog's Survival," faith and the search for truth lead her to many important questions.

•  Are prescription drugs killing pets? Are they necessary? Is there a better, safer way? Are yearly or triennial vaccinations really necessary? Are they safe?

•  Why are dogs and cats now 'old' at 8 years, when 30 years ago, they lived until their late teens and early twenties?

•  Are the thousands of dollars spent on diagnostic tests worth it? Are the tens of thousands of dollars spent on therapies like chemo and radiation effective? Isn't there a cheaper and most importantly, safer and more effective way to treat disease?

•  Why do elderly clients say their old family dog lived 'til 18 and was rarely at the vet's?  With vet bills often more than yearly mortgage payments are pets really better off?

•  Why do many animal companions have the same chronic diseases as people?  Why don't squirrels have allergies?  Deer skin infections?  Crows asthma?  Raccoons ear infections?  Why don't wild animals share human illnesses, while domestic animals do?

•  Do pets really have to die? 

How often are these questions asked?  Do pet owners trust their intuition when given a questionable diagnosis? Or when offered various treatment options?

Dr. Fallek urges everyone to ask these questions, adding "Please listen to your inner voice.  This inner voice is our God-given intuition, it is our birthright, ingrained in our DNA, installed to protect us and our loved ones."

Dogs can and should live very healthfully until their late teens early twenties, cats until their mid-twenties, explains Dr. Fallek.  This can be achieved WITHOUT the use of chemicals, toxic drugs, and bankrupting life savings.

With LOVE and TRUTH as the bottom line, not marketing masquerading as medicine, following the heart leads to a safer truer path of healing.

Dr. Fallek is a conventionally trained veterinarian, practicing for almost 30 years, specializing exclusively in holistic medicine for the past 20 years, with offices in Manhattan and Fairfield County, Connecticut.  A passionate animal lover since a very young child, holistically oriented since the 1970s, her life is dedicated to serving and healing animals.

Dr. Fallek is a contributing author to the bestselling book Your Dog's Golden Years, a regular contributing author to the holistic journal Dogs Naturally, writes for various holistic dog and cat magazines, is a contributor to Hartford Faith and Values HartfordFAVS.com (short for faith and values), a Hartford-based website covering non-sectarian news and issues of faith and values in Connecticut, writing about our spiritual connection with animals.  "Trust Your Intuition For Your Dog's Survival" is now available on Amazon Kindle.  More of Dr. Fallek's animal stories can be found on her website http://www.holisticvet.us.

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